As an organisation we are focused on connecting local people and businesses together who are like-minded in the belief that sustainability is not to be treated as a donation of charity. Sustainable re-use of resources such as food, wood, metals and petro-chemical products (plastics) has a strong economic base given the abundance of wastage that goes into landfill of these energy dense materials.

By connecting like-minded people we know that many hands will make light work and even more importantly many ideas can make light thought. All in all together we can all be helping with sustainability in our local community.

Given this focus we currently are providing three key areas of sustainable services and products to businesses and the local community.


Sustainability Consultancy

– Business Supply Chain and Products Life Cycle Analysis

– Waste Management Analysis

– Sustainable Business and Work Space Solution

By utilising these services you will be drawing on our experience in transforming your business from a mass landfill contributor to a business that is helping with sustainability in our local community.


Sustainable Resource Recovery

– Sustainable Food Waste Recovery

– Re-use of plastic kegs, wood pallets, gelato containers, egg cartons etc

– Return to supplier of Styrofoam boxes, Cooking Oil Drums and Containers.

– Co- Mingled Recycling

By doing the following this means General Waste and Landfill are minimised in your local business and you can confidently say that together, we are helping with sustainability in our local community.


Sustainable Urban Gardening Products and Services

– Recycled Pallet Garden Beds

– Recycled Plastic Keg Pot Plants

– Food Waste Microbe Rich Soil Conditioner and Liquid Fertiliser

– Urban Green House Seedlings

– Urban Garden Grown Seasonal Organic Produce

By using these products you will be ensuring your garden project is helping with sustainability in our local community