We wanted to create a campaign that would recognise and quantify our partners’ and their achievements. Citizen of the Earth calculates an approximate greenhouse gas emissions saved from going into our atmosphere by our partners’ commitment to engage in sustainable waste practices. Studies show that composting food waste can potentially decrease greenhouse gas emissions by as much as 60% compared to the standard land filling practices.

With the help of Citizen of the Earth, you are now able to keep up to date with the amount of greenhouse gas emissions saved each month as a result of the dedication and commitment of our partners. Visit our partners page for a full list of participating businesses.

How do we calculate it?

Our calculation is based on an estimated total weight of food waste received from each partner, over the course of a month. We calculate an approximate greenhouse gas emissions, which would be produced if the food waste was treated as land fill. Based on scientific studies that greenhouse gas emissions can be reduced by between 25-60% through composting food waste, we use 45% to calculate an approximate reduction in greenhouse gas emissions.

All of our calculations are estimates and are based on partial scientific information available to us. We would like to concentrate not on the exact figures themselves, but what they represent and that is commitment and dedication to sustainable food disposal practices.