Commercial Cost Reductions and the beginnings of The Green Helping Hand?

At the beginning of 2012 Nick Morris having just graduated with honours in macroeconomics from University of Newcastle was working as a kitchen hand at the Queens Wharf Brewery while looking for work in Sydney in macroeconomic modelling. As macroeconomists do, he was analysing the business inputs-outputs and it struck him that the waste outputs from the Queens Wharf Brewery were a totally underutilised resource.

That afternoon, on his way home, he stopped at his local coffee shop, Conroy Bradley’s Pistol Club, and during his conversation with the owner Nick Tarren raised his amazement at the volume of wasted resources at the Queens Wharf Brewery.¬†This conversation could be described as the flap of the butterflies wings for the two young entrepreneurs. Nick Tarren made an immediate connection with this idea as in his youth he had been spent many hours with his Uncle Conroy Bradley a gardening enthusiast and worm farm extraordinaire. Such was his uncle influence Nick Tarren had named his pop up cafe after his childhood mentor on sustainable food waste practices. Ironically, this pop up cafe also became the melting pot for the young entrepreneurs ideas on how to make local businesses more sustainable and the Business Partnership Commercial Cost Reductions was born in March 2012 at 278 Hunter St.