Who are ‘The Green Helping Hand’?

The Green Helping Hand has evolved from a business partnership called Commercial Cost Reductions and is now a co-operative of like minded business owners who see the sustainable synergy between effective waste management in local cafes, restaurants and hotels that enable the extraction of potential resources for local food production, energy production and a broad range of products that can be made from reclaimed materials.

The Green Helping Hand is about creating a sustainable local economy through co-operative business practices. That means we are interested in working with other businesses and all members of the community in co-operation rather than competition, whether it be a local community garden or an aspiring entrepreneur. We believe that a sustainable economy requires co-operative slow growth strategy in the early stages in order to lay the economic foundation that creates internal wealth within the sustainable businesses. Internal wealth creation will enable a real economic alternative to emerge to our current fossil fuel based economy.

The World has gotten awfully fast from the energy created from burning fossil fuels, we believe that the alternative economic base will emerge not through a fast silver bullet which, Governments are currently frantically looking for, but through a slow process in which like minded people form businesses and begin to co-operate taking small, slow steps towards finding the solution to this huge problem.

Just to clarify we do not oppose the use of fossil fuels and we are pro-business, as we believe innovation through businesses trying to survive and make profits is an important part of society, yet we accept the fact that fossil fuels will not be around forever, they are becoming harder to come by and that there appears to be an abundance of resource materials going to landfill that may form part of the alternative economic solution in a renewable energy future.

So if you are interested in helping or would like to know how you can be part of the co-operative of businesses then please contact us and become part of the sustainable solution.

View our Partners Page to find out what other businesses and organisations are part of the co-operative and take a look at the Project Gallery to find out more about the services we can provide for your business or organisation.

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